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Who We Are

Our Mission

The network has become the fourth utility, essential to function properly in todays connected society. Our mission is to be your network plumber. At your service 24x7x365.

Our Values

We understand that the network only exists to do its job. Our job, indeed our reason to exist is to keep your network working for you. Engineering excellence is at our core.

Our Solutions

Our aim is to be a resource for you, our customers. We know that you are long on needs and short on time. Our solutions aim to be the best possible solution for you and to cut to the heart of this.

Who are we really?

3 things about us that might just surprise you.
Family Run

Family Run

Dog Loving

Dog Loving




A family is a team. Our team is focused on keeping your networks working for you.

Dogs Rock

We love our dogs. We love all dogs. We love all animals. Ok I suppose we even love cats.


Everyone can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.
Our mission is to make ourselves wonderfully different so that we can make a wonderful difference.

About Us

Our ethos is simple. To offer our customers, both business and residential, access to solutions and services which have been the preserve of large corporates at a price which is appropriate for them.


In this internet based world, we're your fourth utility.

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