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As a company we grew out of satellite broadband initially as Apogee Internet. Satellite broadband is a great fallback technology. When your options are few, satellite broadband is your answer.
For many 3G/4G/5G network access is not only possible but preferable. We have the technology to get you up and running with the mobile network if its available and necessary.
Point to point links are the best solution when connectivity needs to be enterprise grade. We use equipment from suppliers such as Ubiquiti and Siklu to achieve network nirvana for your remote site.
Often long reach solutions can be complex and heterogeneous. We were the first UK partner of Mushroom networks with their innovative product set aimed at bonding anything to anything seamlessly.

Yes OK its a tired cliche but connectivity, reliable, fast and secure connectivity is the new kid on the block when it comes to those services we consider utilities. For the fortunate many in the cities and towns the service requires about as much consideration as the electricity connection however for the estimated 10-25% of UK dwellings and businesses for whom the connection to the Internet is more of a challenge, the difficulties faced are many and varied. As are the solutions.

At Rustyice we understand these challenges and we have a wealth of experience at tackling them head on. Our toolset includes satellite, mobile and radio solutions so that, by selecting the right option or combination of options, we can help you ensure that your business or home is able to enjoy the same standard of network experience enjoyed by the metropolitans.

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About Us

Our ethos is simple. To offer our customers, both business and residential, access to solutions and services which have been the preserve of large corporates at a price which is appropriate for them.


In this internet based world, we're your fourth utility.

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